Direct Services

Reading / Writing / Remediation
Dr. White-Roath is trained in both Orton Gillingham and Wilson Reading techniques which she uses to teach basic reading skills. Wilson’s scope and sequence of skills and Wilson materials are used to teach individualized, direct, systematic code-based reading instruction.

Reading Comprehension is taught through the use of the Questioning the Author approach for text based instruction. Students learn to identify the meaning of both narrative and expository texts through questioning and discussion. Required reading materials are used when ever possible. This critical thinking approach to meaning prepares students to write critically about texts.

Written language is taught through a multi-step process which includes activating prior knowledge, prewriting, drafting, revising and editing at the student’s functional level. During the development of an individual process students explore assistive technology which can support their process.

Metacognition – Non-medical
Meta-cognition is defined as thinking about thinking. Dr. White-Roath coaches students on a one-to-one basis using real academic work to develop individualized study strategies that insure work completion. It is a non-medical intervention for organizational difficulties. Strategies are designed based on diagnostic test data and student ability. Once learned strategies can be generalized and applied to many different setting.
As students gradually learn how best to approach tasks that have been difficult for them in the past, in addition to one-to-one instruction, group supervise study sessions are offered to allow them to practice and apply their new skills with coaching support.

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